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Urban Signage

When developing your town or region, be it for social reasons or for tourism, it is crucial to remember that a big part of urban development goes into developing and installing efficient and attractive urban signs. Road signs and information signs are omnipresent in our towns and are as important to tourists visiting the town for the first time as they are to the people living their and going to and thro for professional or personal reasons. They are a part of our daily life whoever we may be, whatever we may be doing and wherever we are. Moreover, many towns already have good urban signage that needs updating from time to time in order to give a fresh and new aspect to the town. This can seem unnecessary to people who are used to seeing it around their town, but a new, more modern urban signage makes a real, positive impact on people visiting for the first time.

In Vologda (Russia), ID-reel helped the town conceive and install the urban signage as part of a wider plan to attract tourists and investors. This was seen as a critical step in making the town of Vologda more attractive and to make life easier in the town and region.

The next image is an example of the urban signage designed by ID-reel for the town of Vologda. The original offer contained several variants of colors and designs, but it was the forest green and rounded shape that was eventualy adopted by the town.

Urban Signage

Cultural and Urban Heritage Promotion

Throughout its work in Russia, ID-reel has often been asked to work on the image of Ded Moroz (translated Grandfather Frost), an emblematic character of Russian folklore that can be compared to the American Father Christmas. He was originally seen as a wicked and cruel sorcerer who liked to freeze people and kidnap children, tacking them away in his gigantic sac. Parents were said to have to give him presents as a ransom in return for their children. However, under the influence of Orthodox traditions, the character of Ded Moroz was completely transformed, later adopting certain traits from the Dutch Sinterklass, the prototype of Santa Claus.

He is supposed to be from the region of Vologda and is a real part of the local culture as he has become part of one of the main holidays in Russia. Therefore he has been an interesting theme to work with in promoting the region to Russian tourists. It has been important for us to promote this aspect of Vologdian culture as it is such an important part of the local way of life and represents such a unique aspect of the region.

We believe that promoting the culture of a region is just as important as promoting the views and the places to see. It is important to remember that the first thing people see when they arrive some place new are the people! We strive to give regional promotion a measurable depth by promoting the culture of the region at the same time. We manage our advertising campaigns alongside local people in order to give people the fullest picture possible and to show them more than just the basic cover.

A classic image of Ded Moroz:

Ded Moroz

Decentralised Cooperation

Decentralised cooperation represent all international cooperation activities undertaken by local and regional authorities, which do not require or pass through national or federal institutions. The diverse and multiple forms of decentralised cooperation include development cooperation, humanitarian aid, cultural exchanges, institutional support, economic promotion, cross-border, inter-regional cooperation...

Over the years, decentralised cooperation has become crucial in the economic development between countries on the European stage. Indeed, governmental and multi-lateral cooperation is being criticised by non-governmental institutions for advantaging private interests (bank, multinationals...). Decentralised cooperation hence represents a more horizontal and linear type of cooperation that better match with the new vision of governance in Europe - orientated towards the regions. Moreover, such kind of collaboration is increased thanks to the proximity between local authorities and the people and better understanding of needs in both parts.

Local authorities gather into associations or federations such as, for example, the United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) or in more national ones, like "Citées Unies France" (united cities), which facilitate collaborations between parties.

ID-réel understands the necessity for local authorities to work towards such kind cooperation ; and accompany them in their endeavour. For instance, ID-réel has organised the participation for one of its clients, the city of Vologda represented by its mayor M. Shulepov, in different events that encourage decentralised cooperation, allowing direct communications between local powers, including the 2010 French City Mayors National Congress or the 3rd meeting for French and Russian Local Authorities in December 2010.

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